Github labelsΒΆ

Any repositories related to add-ons can have any labels of any format that it wants. But here’s a core list of labels and colours that we’d like to have a bit of consistency. Some key labels:

  • blocks release
  • blocked by upstream
  • good first bug
  • maybe good first bug
  • not ready for merge
  • pull request ready
  • priority one
  • priority two
  • triaged

Colour wise:

  • red (#b60205), pay attention to these, eg: “priority one”
  • green (#0e8a16), projects that we might work on, eg: “Firefox Accounts” or “signing”
  • light blue (#c7def8), often left over from Bugzilla, usually and end statement eg: “invalid”, “won’t fix”, “enhancement”
  • purple (#5319e7), needs... eg: “needs ux”
  • yellow (#fbca04), intermediary state eg: “maybe good first bug” or “in progress”
  • blue (#0052cc), a project area at the technical level, eg: “code quality”

Other comments:

  • no need to add in - or _ between words, eg “pull-request-ready” vs “pull request ready”
  • you can be verbose, eg: “needs more qa” vs “qa+”